Accelerate Your Brewery in Chicago, Illinois

The Brewery Workshop helps entrepreneurs build and grow great breweries.

There are a limited number of spots available for this intimate opportunity for new and in-planning breweries to spend multiple days with the best minds in brewing. Move beyond the guesswork and spend four days in Chicago, Illinois, connecting with the experts who have built successful breweries. By learning from the experiences of brewers and owners who have been there before, you’ll save yourself the money and time lost in missteps. At this workshop, we'll navigate the ins and outs of establishing and growing a brewery through hands-on seminars and interactive technical brewery tours where you’ll have the opportunity to engage directly with the pros and your peers. You’ll gain the skills to improve the efficiency of your brewery, create invaluable connections with others in the industry, and accomplish in days what usually would take months. 


The ticket price includes local transportation, lodging (ticket w/o lodging available), meals, seminars, brew day, technical brewery tours, one-on-one sessions with industry pros, chance to win advertising + yeast at pitch event ($3,000+ value), and networking events.


This Brewery Workshop will run from August 25-28, 2019, in Chicago, Illinois. The event will be hosted at the Eurostars Magnificent Mile.


All 6 of the previous workshops have sold out. Get your ticket early if you're interested (full refunds offered up to 90 days prior to the event).


Testimonials (The Workshop Has Never Received Less Than a 5-Star Review in our Shop):

On the flight home I tried to come up with a value that I would still be happy paying for participation in this workshop. I came up with a value of 4X what I paid. My business plan was somewhat still intact after presenting it to the peers and professionals at the workshop. The feedback from the professionals was both candid and encouraging. Fantastic workshop! Highly recommended for breweries attempting to open in this maturing market.” - Larry L. (2019 Denver Workshop Attendee)

“How does one start a Micro-Brewery, how much funding is required, what size do I plan for, which vendors do I work with, where do I focus my funding; These were a few questions I had, plus much more. The workshop answered all my questions and helped solidify my business plan. The breakout sessions with industry professionals was invaluable and prepared me to proceed forward with my brewery plans. This is a must for anyone thinking of opening a brewery.” - Jed P. (2019 Denver Attendee)

"I cannot imagine an easier and more affordable way to get direct access to some of the greatest minds in the craft beer industry. The workshop consists of key targeted sessions with expert panels, scheduled one-on-ones with these experts, and several trips to local breweries of all shapes and sizes to see how they operate their unique businesses (and drink their great beer!)." -Luther H. (2018 San Diego Attendee)


"If you are genuinely serious about opening a brewery, and would like an intimate and cogent breakdown of what it will take, attending this workshop should be a requirement! The level of insight, knowledge and camaraderie that is afforded through this workshop is nothing short of legendary, and you will walk away 100x more enriched than the price tag of the event. Do not hesitate, this is a must-attend event for anyone serious about beer!" -Daniel K. (2018 San Diego Attendee)


"The insight, recommendations and lessons learned will educate, enlighten and save you heartache, headache and money. If you’re reading comments to convince yourself to attend, stop, scroll back up and commit. If you hesitate it will sell out." -Blake F. (2018 San Diego Attendee)


"They call this a new brewery accelerator and accelerator it is! If you have the opportunity to attend a future workshop, do not hesitate to reserve your spot." -John H. (2018 San Diego Attendee)


"The Brewery Workshop should be a requirement for anyone (business partners too) thinking about going from garage brewing to taproom." -Larry B. (2017 Fort Collins Attendee)


"This was awesome. We spent four days in craft beer paradise surrounded by people as passionate as ourselves. The presenters were amazing and helpful. The craft beer industry is remarkable. This was the time of my life. Afterwards, I felt like I knew how to start my own brewery." - Steve B. (2017 Fort Collins Attendee)


"Whether you are an experienced home brewer, current start up brewery that's recently opened or a restaurant owner thinking about opening a brewery at any level this workshop is a must! " -Cam S. (2017 Fort Collins Attendee)


Some of the amazing presenters (more than 30 total presenters!)

Brewery Workshop Chicago 2019-squashed.jpg

Photos from Previous Workshops:


DAY 1 (AUGUST 25, 2019)


  • Location: Mikerphone Brewing

  • Description: After paying his dues as a homebrewer and helping other breweries open, Mike Pallen of Mikerphone Brewing is making a big impact on the beer scene through inventive recipes, a ton of collaborations, and a healthy balance between work and personal life.


  • Location: Alarmist Brewing Company

  • Description: Alarmist Brewing picked up the first-ever Great American Beer Festival (GABF) Gold in the Hazy/Juicy IPA category with their flagship, Le Jus. On this tour, founder Gary Gulley will share the brewery’s story, discuss their rise, and share tips for helping you navigate your growth.


DAY 2 (AUGUST 26, 2019)


  • Description: How much capital do you need to survive? What’s the best corporate structure to protect you from liability while attracting investors? What are reasonable growth goals for a new brewery? How do you manage cash flow in a new business? What are some of the places to find loans and financing that aren’t immediately apparent? This seminar tackles the nuts and bolts of financing and starting up a new brewery, from partnership structure to attracting investors to managing cash flow over the critical first six months of operation.

  • Instructors: Candace Moon, Esq. (The Craft Beer Attorney), Dan Harris (Brewery Finance), John Barley (Founder & CEO, Solemn Oath Brewery), Jason Klein (Founder/R&D Brewer/Business Guy, Spiteful Brewery), Hannah Fernandez (Founder/CEO, ROI Business Funding), Alfonso Barrera (Chair of Diversity and Inclusion and Business Mentor, SCORE Chicago)

  • Location: Eurostars Magnificent Mile


  • Description: Branding is more than just logo design. This seminar will explore the foundations and fundamentals of branding, review case studies of successful small brewery brands, consider authenticity and growth potential in brand development, and help you build a brand framework that you can extend to every consumer touch point.

  • Instructors: Jamie Bogner (Chief Content Officer, Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine®)

  • Location: Eurostars Magnificent Mile


  • Description: Equipment is the single biggest capital cost of building or expanding your brewery. Learn from, then work one-on-one with experts to help you size, source, and place your equipment for day one and expansion.

  • Instructors: Dustin Hauck (Principal, Hauck Architecture), Jon Carpenter (Brewmaster/Craft Beverage Consultant, Opensō Consulting), Alex Smith (Brewery Consultant, ABS Commercial), Michael McAdoo (General Manager, ABS Commercial), Alexis Foreman (VP of Business Development, Wild Goose-Meheen)

  • Location: Eurostars Magnificent Mile


  • Description: The 20-Minute Sessions are designed to help connect you with innovative brewing companies, build valuable business relationships, and get feedback on your plans. Availability will be first come first served for attendees for your preference of expert.

  • Session Times: 12:50pm, 1:15p, 1:40pm, 2:05pm

  • Experts:

    • Erik Fowler + George Otteni (Education, Sales & Technical Support, White Labs)

    • Dan Harris (Brewery Finance)

    • Alex Smith (Brewery Consultant, ABS Commercial), Michael McAdoo (General Manager, ABS Commercial)

    • Jon Carpenter (Brewmaster/Craft Beverage Consultant, Opensō Consulting)

    • Dustin Hauck (Principal, Hauck Architecture)

    • Jamie Bogner (Chief Content Officer, Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine®)

    • Candace Moon, Esq. (The Craft Beer Attorney)

    • Matt Hughes (Insurance & Risk Management Consultant, Moody Insurance Co.)

    • Nancy Trigg (President, Arryved)

    • Alexis Foreman (VP of Business Development, Wild Goose-Meheen)

    • Michael Minton (Owner/Director, Dauntless Distributing)

    • Victoria Aguilar (Managing Director, The AR Group, LLC)

    • Ashton Lewis (Technical Sales Manager, BSG)


  • Description: It takes great ingredients to make great beer. This seminar, led by hops experts from well-known breweries and suppliers, will teach you how to identify great hops, handle them correctly in the brewhouse to maintain the highest quality, smell and test hops blends, make smart substitutions in hops as a result of year to year harvest differences or batch variation, and more.

  • Instructors: Pattie Aron (Senior Brewing and Raw Materials Scientist, BSG), Ashton Lewis (Technical Sales Manager, BSG), Matt Young (Head Brewer, Half Acre), Jonathan Cutler (Head Brewer, Piece Brewery & Pizzeria)

  • Location: Eurostars Magnificent Mile


  • Description: There are no better margins on your beer than those you get from selling it directly to consumers. This seminar focuses on how to create an environment that maximizes revenue through design, equipment/POS selection, operational strategies, retail, guest taps, and more.

  • Instructors: Dustin Hauck (Principal, Hauck Architecture), Nancy Trigg (President, Arryved), Mark Legenza (Founder/Brewer, On Tour Brewing Co.), Michelle Foik (Co-Founder & Force of Nature, Eris Brewery & Cider House)

  • Location: Eurostars Magnificent Mile


  • Location: Hopewell Brewing

  • Description: Hopewell is a small team led by founders Samantha Lee, Stephen Bossu and Jonathan Fritz. The team is comprised of folks from all sorts of backgrounds, including nonprofit advocacy work, large production brewing and organic food sales — all of which inform their approach to running a brewery that not only makes high-quality, accessible beer, but is welcoming to all and provides a rewarding work environment for their employees.



  • Description: Pitch your brewery idea (distribution, taproom, growth, brewery, etc.) in less than 5 minutes to the best minds in brewing to get feedback on your strategy. The winner of the lightning talks will receive a free full-page ad in Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine® ($2,495 value) and a White Labs 10BBL Yeast Pitch.

  • Schedule:

    • 7:40PM: Nicki S.

    • 7:50PM: Dale F.

    • 8:00PM: Tony S.

    • 8:10PM: Carl W.

    • 8:20PM: Paul K.

    • 8:30PM: Tom R.

    • 8:40PM: Ross B. + Dan A.

    • 8:50PM: Andrew B.

    • 9:00PM: Dan F.

    • 9:10PM: Thomas F.

    • 9:20PM: Rob T.


DAY 3 (AUGUST 27, 2019)



  • Description: From building a safe, effective malt workflow to the creative potential of craft malt, we’ll explore this unsexy but vitally important component to craft brewing.

  • Instructors: Ashton Lewis (Technical Sales Manager, BSG), Stephen Bossu (Founder, Hopewell Brewing), Jim Cibak (Head Brewer, Revolution Brewing), Doug Hurst (Cofounder/Head Brewer, Metropolitan Brewing)

  • Location: Eurostars Magnificent Mile


  • Description: From cell counts to yeast sanitation to propagation and storage, this seminar will present cost-effective strategies for managing yeast to maintain the highest quality standards.

  • Instructors: Erik Fowler (Education Director, White Labs), Tim Faith (Innovation Brewing Manager, Goose Island), George Otteni (Sales & Technical Support, White Labs)

  • Location: Eurostars Magnificent Mile


  • Description: Few startups have the money to defend lawsuits, and this seminar will help you proactively avoid costly legal issues that could delay your growth.

  • Instructors: Candace Moon, Esq. (The Craft Beer Attorney), Dustin Hauck (Principal, Hauck Architecture)

  • Location: Eurostars Magnificent Mile


  • Description: The 20-Minute Sessions are designed to help connect you with innovative brewing companies, build valuable business relationships, and get feedback on your plans. Availability will be first come first served for attendees for your preference of expert.

  • Session Times: 12:50pm, 1:15p, 1:40pm, 2:05pm

  • Experts:

    • Alex Smith (Brewery Consultant, ABS Commercial), Michael McAdoo (General Manager, ABS Commercial)

    • Erik Fowler + George Otteni (Education, Sales & Technical Support, White Labs)

    • Nancy Trigg (President, Arryved)

    • Jon Carpenter (Brewmaster/Craft Beverage Consultant, Opensō Consulting)

    • Dustin Hauck (Principal, Hauck Architecture)

    • Candace Moon, Esq. (The Craft Beer Attorney)

    • Matt Hughes (Insurance & Risk Management Consultant, Moody Insurance Co.)

    • Alexis Foreman (VP of Business Development, Wild Goose-Meheen)

    • Michael Minton (Owner/Director, Dauntless Distributing)

    • Victoria Aguilar (Managing Director, The AR Group, LLC)

    • Ashton Lewis (Technical Sales Manager, BSG)

    • Tom Carpenter (Founder, 2Toms Brewing Co.)


  • Instructors: Jon Carpenter (Brewmaster/Craft Beverage Consultant, Opensō Consulting), Erik Fowler (Education Director, White Labs), George Otteni (Sales & Technical Support, White Labs), Alex Smith (Brewery Consultant, ABS Commercial)

  • Description: White Labs is bringing out a handful of microscopes to give you a crash course on yeast cell counting + viability analysis. If you’re looking for a good resource for preparation, take a look here.


  • Description: Whether you’re a 1 bbl nano or a 100k bbl regional powerhouse, being able to taste the variety of attributes in your beer is vital to making the consistent and delicious product your customer expects. Additionally, the job of training staff to identify these attributes typically falls to you. This seminar covers the basics of sensory analysis through hands-on tasting, and will give you a fundamental curriculum to train your own staff with. You may not be able to afford a full-time lab staff, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use techniques that the big guys use. FlavorActiV™ kits provided by BSG CraftBrewing.

  • Instructors: Jon Carpenter (Brewmaster/Craft Beverage Consultant, Opensō Consulting), Erik Fowler (Education Director, White Labs), Pat Fahey (Content Director, Cicerone® Certification Program)

  • Location: Eurostars Magnificent Mile


  • Description: We take a look at how the nations hottest breweries are putting out small batch barrel-aged stouts, sours, wild ales, saisons, fruited beers, and New England-Style IPAs.

  • Instructors: Adam Cieslak (Head Brewer/ Co-Founder, Maplewood Brewery & Distillery), Adam Smith (Special Projects Lead Brewer, Maplewood Brewery & Distillery), Tom Carpenter (Founder, 2Toms Brewing Co.), Matt Potts (Founder/CEO/Brewmaster, DESTIHL Brewery), Jude La Rose (Cofounder, Hop Butcher For The World)

  • Location: Eurostars Magnificent Mile


  • Location: On Tour Brewing Co.

  • About On Tour Brewing: On Tour Brewing Company celebrates life’s understated, casually significant, yet fleeting moments. Each carefully selected element of On Tour’s ambience captures the easy spirit of a simpler time and invites locals and tourists alike to linger, create memories, and sip a wide selection of carefully crafted, distinct beers. Glowing amber lights illuminating the tasting room create a warm, alluring atmosphere passers by will find captivating and magnetic. They will welcome the opportunity to journey inside and leave the world behind for a pint or two.




DAY 4 (AUGUST 28, 2019)


  • Description: Experts explore the ins and outs of marketing channels with the best ROI. They’ll answer questions regarding event attendance, working with PR companies, paid media, organic reach, and much more. Now that you have great beer and a successful brand strategy, this seminar will teach you how to build and foster your audience.

  • Instructors: Samantha Lee (Founder, Hopewell Brewing), Jeremiah Zimmer (Cofounder, Hop Butcher for the World), Kylie Cabrera (Director of Sales, Band of Bohemia), Gabriel Magliaro (Cofounder, Half Acre), Michelle Foik (Co-Founder & Force of Nature, Eris Brewery & Cider House)

  • Location: Eurostars Magnificent Mile


  • Description: It’s not the fun side of opening a brewery but get it wrong and you’ll be in a tough spot. Join our experts to discuss the riskiest parts of your business, ranging from hiring to financial projections and much more.

  • Instructors: Victoria Aguilar (Managing Director, The AR Group, LLC), Matt Hughes (Insurance & Risk Management Consultant, Moody Insurance Co.), Candace Moon, Esq. (The Craft Beer Attorney), Jon Carpenter (Brewmaster/Craft Beverage Consultant, Opensō Consulting)

  • Location: Eurostars Magnificent Mile


  • Description: While craft beer’s heyday was marked by a “if you package it, they will buy it” mentality, today’s competitive retail market makes selling beer profitably through the retail channel more and more difficult. In this seminar, we’ll discuss common issues such as distributor contracts, format challenges, SKU management, and more.

  • Instructors: Laura Lodge (Author, Distribution Insight for the Craft Brewer), Jonathan Fritz (Cofounder, Hopewell Brewing), Mark Legenza (Founder/Brewer, On Tour Brewing Co.), Michael Minton (Founder, Dauntless Distributing), Matt Potts (Founder/CEO/Brewmaster, DESTIHL Brewery), Jeremiah Zimmer (Cofounder, Hop Butcher For The World, Growth & Distribution)

  • Location: Eurostars Magnificent Mile



  • Location: Off Color Brewing

  • About Off Color Brewing: At some point John and Dave were born. They did other stuff for a while and then they figured out they were better at making beer than at the other stuff. So that's what they do now. They met while both studied at the oldest and most respected brewing school (of the two...and by the brewers that went to the one) in the US, the Siebel Institute, in 2008 and the brewery was envisioned while they both interned at Metropolitan Brewing afterwards. Most of Off Color's business plan is based off of Doug and Tracy at Metro knowing what they're doing, so you should go buy some of their beer too. After cutting their teeth at larger breweries, the two somehow convinced enough otherwise-very-smart-people to invest enough money for them to buy some big shiny things to make their own beer in. So that's what they do now.









In 2004, BSG recognized that the craft brewing and homebrewing community needed a dependable source for diverse ingredients from around the world. Since then, we have earned the trust of our customers by delivering the finest brewing ingredients at competitive values, all backed by outstanding customer service and depth of industry experience.

We continue to search the globe for new and interesting brewing ingredients that we can bring to our customers. Consequently, our product list continues to grow as we strive to better meet the needs of both professional brewers and homebrewers. Additionally, our knowledgeable and friendly sales and management staff comes from the professional brewing & homebrewing communities, so we can assist you in everything from recipe formulation to troubleshooting.

Whether it's exclusive specialty malts, in-demand hop varieties, or premium brewing aids we have you covered; great beers are made from select ingredients. BSG is committed to being your partner, and shares your passion for creating outstanding beers.



ABS Commercial is a full-service brewery and parts outfitter. From our corporate headquarters in Raleigh, North Carolina to our secondary sales office in Denver, Colorado, we are proud to offer brew houses, tanks and small parts to brewers across the country. Brew houses and fermenters from 3 BBL, ancillary components including steam boilers and chillers, stainless Tri-Clamp parts, yeast brinks and Sanke kegs. We have some of the quickest lead times in the industry along with a huge inventory of tanks between 3-90 BBL in stock!

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Clarion Lubricants is taking the lead with a complete line of lubricants designed to maximize the safety and sustainability of your business. Through our history of marketing white oils and food grade, we have learned how to optimize lubricant chemistry to help reduce the risks associated with product contamination and unintended environmental release while protecting your equipment.


Clarion Food Grade Lubricants includes white mineral oils, hydraulic fluids, greases, synthetics and specialty lubricants.


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White Labs, Inc. is an international company that provides liquid yeast, fermentation products, services, analysis and education to professionals and enthusiasts alike. Continually raising the bar in the art of fermentation, White Labs stretches the limits of science to set new standards in purity and freshness. From the industry’s first pitchable liquid yeast, to a complete revolution in the way it’s propagated and packaged, the White Labs innovative spirit is tireless. For more information on White Labs and its various products and services, please visit



Arryved, based in Boulder, CO, is a team of geeks who love beer. We focus our Point of Sale technology on the needs of beer patrons and the people who serve them, providing the best in class guest experience for the craft brewing industry and beyond.


Arryved is for craft brewing destinations who put people first. It's a POS system designed to free up teams to spend more time growing lasting relationships with guests and building the business. Customers love us for the mobility and flexibility of our system, the powerful data and reporting we provide, and the brilliance of our on-call support team (all of whom are formerly of the brewing industry). Think of us as Craft Tech.


With more than 140 breweries, Chicago is one of the top beer cities in the world. From national favorites to lesser known but still delicious, there is something for any beer lover. What better place to collaborate with some of the best minds in brewing than the hot spot that is Chicago.


For 'Solo Room' ticket holders, you will be staying in the Eurostars Magnificent Mile.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How many tickets are available to purchase?
The workshop will have no more than 50 attendees total.

When is the last day I’m able to purchase tickets?
The last day you can purchase a ticket is when we sell out.

Will transportation be provided?

Yes, all transportation will be provided from the time the brew day starts (August 25) until the final brewery tour (August 28).


How many drinks will I get during the meals?
We will provide at least 1 drink coupon per technical tour and dinner. Anything above that can be purchased on-site.


Are discounts offered for breakfast or purchased drinks?
There are no discounts available to our group for breakfast or for individual beers purchased on-site.


Where are seminars being held?
Unless otherwise indicated in the itinerary, all seminars and hands-on workshops will be held at the Eurostars Magnificent Mile. For any events offsite, we will provide transportation.


If two of us want to share one room, what tickets should we buy?
You should purchase one ticket with accommodations and one ticket without. If you'd like a room with two queen beds, please note that at checkout.